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Transform Retail Projects

Our existence is dependent on our customers retailing success.

RETAIL DESIGN is different to DESIGN. Your store must definitely look good but there is more to it than creating a design masterpiece. The store theatre should suit your brand, but the store’s design must ensure the shopfittings, finishes and technology within your retail presentation are geared towards customer enticement. This includes identification of promotional opportunities and key strategic product placement.

It’s ALL about generating sales.

In the design phase we’ll ascertain your retailing requirements by discussing YOUR customers and YOUR products in order to identify the key strategic elements of your retail offer. This phase educates us and leads us to the most effective yet dynamic RETAIL DESIGN.

With a 35 year background in RETAIL and RETAIL PROJECTS, our principle Ross Haron has a unique understanding of retailing and what’s required to create a successful retail environment. When this experience is combined with our design team’s creative talents, the results are evident in our work.

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